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LNG stands for liquified natural gas and is currently the cleanest fuel in the transport sector. With a full tank of LNG you can drive up to 1500 km. This makes the fuel very suitable for heavy transport, such as European freight traffic. Large ships can also sail on LNG. TotalEnergies has filling stations where LNG is available throughout the Netherlands and Europe.

Benefits of LNG

  • LNG emits far fewer harmful substances
  • The fuel costs for LNG are lower than traditional fuels
  • Driving on LNG results in less noise pollution
  • Driving on LNG is extra advantageous thanks to the LNG incentive scheme . For Dutch hauliers with internationally oriented transport, there is no excise duty in Belgium and Maut benefit in Germany

Production of LNG

LNG is liquefied natural gas. Natural gas is a composition of light hydrocarbons that consists mostly of methane. It occurs naturally in some porous rock types. This gas becomes liquid by cooling it between -120 ° C and -162 ° C. The volume of the fuel shrinks to 1 / 600th. This makes LNG easy to transport to the TotalEnergies filling stations. Due to the limited volume, a lot of fuel also fits in the tank. Trucks and ships therefore have a high operating radius.

Good for the  environment

LNG burns much cleaner: 30% less damage to health (less PM 10  and NOx) than diesel Euro VI standard and 10% to 15% less CO 2 emissions . LNG transport thus complies with the strict European emission standards for freight transport and shipping. Without the need for additional measures, such as particulate filters or post-treatment techniques.

LNG  trucks

Most major truck brands have a wide range of trucks that run on LNG, so-called LNG trucks. These trucks have a comparable (charging) capacity and range than traditional (diesel) trucks, but are a lot better for the environment. In addition, driving on LNG is financially attractive due to the structurally lower price of LNG.

LNG  tanks

To refuel with LNG, use the compressed air gun at the pump. Connect the LNG filling hose to your tank and lock it. Also do this with the vapor return hose if your tank has a coupling for this. Start refueling by pressing the start button: the pump will automatically shut off when the tank is full. LNG is delivered per kilogram and filling the tank takes less than 10 minutes. At all LNG filling stations of TotalEnergies and PitPoint.LNG you can pay with the Total Eurotrafic fuel card. For more information about LNG refueling with the TOTAL Fuel Card, click here.

Please note : you are obliged to follow a refueling training to refuel LNG in the Netherlands. TotalEnergies offers this training. For more information, contact PitPoint.LNG at [email protected] .


Since January 2021, TOTAL has opened its first  LNG filling station in Deventer . The network of LNG filling stations is still under development. Because LNG is particularly suitable for long-distance transport, Total is committed to expanding the filling stations on European main routes. The goal is to realize 350 natural gas filling stations (green gas, CNG and LNG) in Europe by 2022. 


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