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Electric driving is on the rise and the demand for public charging points is high. For municipalities it can be a complex and time-consuming job to make public charging points available in the right place and according to the rules. This is also the case for the municipality of Houten. In collaboration with project office MRA-Elektrisch and grid manager Stedin, TotalEnergies has installed and operates more than 56 charging stations in the municipality of Houten. It doesn't stop there: “I expect we will be over 100 by the end of this year. Then all residents have a public charging station within 300 meters. And that is certainly not the end. ”, Says Dennis Wildenbeest of the municipality of Houten.

Expansion of public charging stations

The municipality of Houten is ambitious when it comes to sustainability. Houten wants to be the cleanest and quietest municipality around Utrecht by 2040. Commitment to sustainable transport helps to realize that ambition. To promote sustainability as well as to facilitate the residents, the municipality is investing in expansion of the public charging infrastructure. In recent years, this has been done according to the 'pile follows application principle'. The procedure was only started after an application, but this approach is ad hoc and the turnaround time is long. The concrete objective was to have 75 charging stations operational by the end of 2020 thanks to a better and structured process.

The  Approach

Each party works from its own expertise to tackle the expansion of the charging infrastructure. MRA-E handles the applications for charging stations via their online portal. The municipality of Houten then assesses the request and links the request to a specific location. After approval, TotalEnergies DE places a charging station with grid operator Stedin. After placement, TotalEnergies will also take over the exploitation. Pieter Looijestijn, project manager charging infrastructure at MRA-E: “It is important that we have the right partners who can handle the structure, speed and scale and deliver quality at every location.

Charging point at 300 meters

Good preparation ensures that the process from application to realization is short and tight. “We mapped out preferred locations for charging stations in advance. The traffic decisions for these locations have already been taken and the objection periods have passed. We link a new application directly to such a preferred location ”, says Dennis Wildenbeest. The starting point in determining the preferred locations is that every resident has a public charging station within 300 meters.

logo gemeente houten
logo gemeente houten

Voor ons als gemeente is het een duidelijk proces waarin elke partij weet wat die moet doen. Het plaatsen van laadpunten gebeurt daardoor snel, soepel en kostenefficiënt.

Dennis Wildenbeest, gemeente Houten

The  Result

At the moment there are 56 charging stations in use that have been constructed according to this route. There are also 9 approved applications that will soon be created by TotalEnergies. Dennis Wildenbeest: “It is a clear process in which each party knows what to do. There is only about 12-18 weeks between the application and the first charge. ”

Total: “Best supplier and manager”

MRA-E has been working with PitPoint since 2016, which has been merged with Total as of January 1, 2020. Total is the best supplier and manager in various tenders. Pieter Looijestijn of MRA-E: “The collaboration with Total is excellent. Total thinks along, knows what is important and has a streamlined operation. The increase in scale is also in safe hands with Total. ”

Future: more charging stations closer

The municipality of Houten had set the target to have built 75 charging stations by the end of 2020. Dennis Wildenbeest: “We are well ahead of schedule. I expect we will be over 100 by the end of this year. Then all residents have a public charging station within 300 meters. That is certainly not the end. With the growth of electric transport, we will probably reduce that radius and increase the number of connections at existing points. We can arrange that quickly, thanks to the collaboration with MRA-E and Total. ”


* Total acquired PitPoint clean fuels in 2017. In January, the customer offerings of PitPoint and Total were merged. At the time, this project was carried out under the brand name PitPoint.

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