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Raw materials and energy company Meerlanden in Rijsenhout collects organic waste (vegetable, fruit and garden waste) and uses it to produce green gas. This sustainable gas goes to the natural gas network and then forms fuel for the garbage trucks. A good example of a circular economy. TotalEnergies *) realized a fast-fill green gas filling station on the Meerlanden industrial estate.

Creation of green gas

Green gas is produced by fermenting organic waste. This releases biogas. A gas upgrading plant converts this biogas into green gas and then pumps it into the natural gas network. For example, 50,000 tons of organic waste is used annually as a raw material for new energy. When the installation is running optimally, Meerlanden will produce approximately 2.5 million cubic meters of green gas per year. 

Sustainable commitment

TotalEnergies is co-owner of the gas reprocessing installation and the infeed point and realized its own fast-fill green gas filling station for Meerlanden. 84 of the 161 trucks are now running, including waste bin trucks, delivery vans, collection trucks and a sweeper truck running on green gas. As a result, the raw materials and energy company has been providing its services almost completely in a climate-neutral manner since 2016.

Timefill against crowds

TotalEnergies also installed a time-fill installation on the Meerlanden site. The number of cars running on green gas increased so much that the gas station with two parking spaces was no longer sufficient to fill up all the cars. TotalEnergies solved this problem with timefill. The installation makes it possible to fill 14 CNG vehicles with green gas at night. For example, employees start their shift with a full tank and the pressure at the fast-fill filling station, which also remains active during the day, decreases.


* Total acquired PitPoint clean fuels in 2017. In January, the customer offerings of PitPoint and Total were merged. At the time, this project was carried out under the brand name PitPoint.

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