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Introductie kleinverpakking Resellers

The TotalEnergies lubricant small packages are given a new look. With a powerful, appealing design and new logos, the bottles (0.25 and 0.5 liters), bottles (1 liter) and cans (5 liters) stand out even more. The larger labels are also easier to read and more informative. The display is clear thanks to pictograms. OEM approvals are also listed. This makes it easy to see for which engine and which vehicle make the oil is suitable.

Nieuwe kleinverpakkingen Total Automotive


Colors determine quality

The current range will continue to exist, but now more clearly categorized in 3 different color levels. Platinum Gold stands for oil that meets the highest specifications. Lower specified oil comes in a Silver or Bronze packaging.



The new small packs also stand out for practicalities, such as a larger handle for the cans, improved cap sealing with less risk of leakage and a new pouring spout for improved, even pouring.

New oil according to the highest specifications

In the course of 2020, QUARTZ will introduce INEO XTRA. This includes oil in the 0W-20 viscosity for more compact turbo engines with high power and hybrid powertrains. For the transport sector, there is  RUBIA OPTIMA for the latest generation of truck engines. Thanks to InnoBoost technology, the oil lasts a long time and longer oil drain times are possible. The oil exceeds the highest industry standard API CK-4 and FA-4.

Motorcycles and scooters

The earthmoving product line, RUBIA WORKS, and the oils for transmission and hydraulics in this heavy-duty work will also come in the new packaging. In addition, TotalEnergies is introducing new names for the HI-PERF oils suitable for motorcycles and scooters.

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